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Pramcentre.co.uk is rated 4.53 stars by Reviews.co.uk based on 1718 merchant reviews

4.53 / 5 Rating
1718 Reviews
I ordered and paid a deposit for a pram back in march. I was advised it would be an 8 week wait. This was fine. I called after 13 weeks as i had heard nothing to be advised that it would be in the shop 4 weeks before my due date. This was never advised until now. So we are 4 weeks from my due date I again called to checked my order to now be advised that orders dont come in until 2 weeks before your due date. And then to be advised it cant be checked until monday. The advisor also seemed to be quite short as if this may be a hassel. Mixed messages no further forward. I am potentially going to be taken 2 weeks early but will have no car seat or pram!
I ordered my Pram back in May knowing it would be a 8 week wait as it was out of stock - which was fine. I paid over £500 to Glasgow Pram Centre. I emailed them on the 8th week (July) to ask if there was a delivery date for my Pram as I was away for the weekend. I was told someone tried to call me once to explain this was an 8 week wait and did I want this re-ordered. I never received this call but they should have contacted me via email/post if they hadn't got me. So basically, I waited and wasted 8 weeks waiting on a Pram that wasn't even Ordered. Total lack of communication. I knew the Pram was out of stock in the first place and I was already told this. Anyhow, I was asked did I want this reordered when I contacted them 8 weeks after to be told this would be another wait! Not impressed with the service I received. Now my baby is due next month and I am having to start all over again and look for a Pram.
ordered pram adaptors on line - paid, heard nothing for couple of days, sent an e-mail only to be told item would take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive as they had sold out!!!!!!!! - this was stated on anywhere on their site. Very disappointing wont be ordering again

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