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Pramcentre.co.uk is rated 4.52 stars by Reviews.co.uk based on 317 merchant reviews

4.52 / 5 Rating
317 Reviews
Ordered a Mutsy Evo Raincover on Tuesday afternoon and received it the following day. Normally these have to be ordered in from Mutsy directly, and can take up to 2-3 weeks, so was very pleased with the quick delivery.
Really simple process, very easy to order. Managed to get a car seat that is out of stock almost everywhere else and it was delivered extremely quickly. I'd thoroughly recommend Pramcentre.Co.uk
Price was the best I could find but I had three issues. 1. I paid for my purchase with my Amex. The money was initially deducted from my Amex statement but I got an email from Pramcentre saying that payment had not gone through. It transpired that the Pramcentre have an issue with Amex payments and eventually the money was credited back to my account but this wasn't a good first impression. 2. When I tried to call Pramcentre the following day, I put through the option for Internet enquiries. I rang up twice but each time it rang through and I was eventually cut off. I emailed but no one got back to my that day. The next day I put through the option of sales and eventually after 22 minutes I got through to an operator. Up until the point of getting through though, I really thought that the Pramcentre was some Mickey Mouse venture and I had been scammed! Luckily your operator (Amy) was professional and dealt with my query. 3. Once I'd worked out I'd have to put my order through again, I made a second order. Later that day, I got a call from your warehouse that the product was not in stock and I would have to wait for two weeks. This was despite the website saying my product was in stock and that it would be delivered within 3 working days. Overall have not been happy at all...and I haven't even experienced the delivery of my item!

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